Words from our founder

"When I started studying law back in 2012, I remember being very stressed out for two different reasons. To begin with, the GPA required to advance from Law Part I to Law Part II is extremely inconsistent. The cut-off changes from year to year, and there is literally no way to know how high your GPA needs to be in order to secure an offer. By the time the updated benchmarks are released in a given year, it’s already too late.

The second reason I was so anxious is because law schools offer very few options for students hoping to get feedback on their work. Personally, I had a great deal of work that could have benefited from the discerning eye of an instructor or seasoned professional. But with limited resources, I had to resort to asking my friends who were enrolled in the same year I was for input. Needless to say, that’s a less-than-ideal arrangement. 

When I was offered a placement in law in 2013, I kn­­ew that I would be able to help a few students manage their first year, and this was the birth of Momentum Tutoring. In the years that followed, our approach has been to work very closely with a small number of students, which allows us to provide personalised attention to each.

Last year, Momentum Tutoring experienced a huge surge in demand, so we set out to recruit some of the best and brightest minds as tutors. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. Of the students who were actively engaged in our tutoring programme, 71 per cent received an offer to join Law Part II. Compare that to the 25 per cent of all law students who gain admittance, and it’s clear that Momentum Tutoring is really making a difference in the lives of law students."

- Hayden Hughes