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2021 Second Year Law Group Tutoring


  • Covers the academic year from March 1-Nov 15th 2021
  • Covers Law 298 as well as Law 201 and 211
  • Workshops before every assignment
  • Includes Weekly 2hr Group Tutorials
  • Includes 2 Mock Exams 
  • Includes 2 Exam Workshops
  • Small group size enabling personalised help
  • Price scaled to remaining number of weeks in the year
Free Tutoring Consultation (Auckland)


Law 121 is hard. Studying doesn't need to be.

    • Find out if tutoring is right for you.
    • Up to 12 hours of tutoring per subject per semester available
    • Opportunity to complete a one-day unpaid internship at a law firm
    • Opportunity to attend group tutoring lessons
    • Includes our highly sought after mock test/exams
    • Customised pairing with your tutor
    • Click here for past students testimonials
    • Plus much more!
⭐ Law131 Legal Opinion Workshop


  • The essay question and what to include in each paragraph
  • Step by step of how to form a cohesive argument and analyse the question
  • How to reference and structure your essay
  • Going over past A+ examples
  • How to properly include cases in your piece
  • PRICE: 15
  • WHEN: Wednesday 8th September 12-2PM

  • WHERE: Zoom (we will email you the link)
📚 UOA SEMESTER 2 First-Year Law Group Tutoring


  • Covers Law 131/141 in Semester 2 at the University of Auckland
  • Full second semester
  • Includes an exclusive 4 hour accelerator course before Semester 2
  • 12 weekly group tutorials over Zoom, 90 minutes each
  • Includes Intensive Test Workshop (2 hrs)
  • Includes Intensive Exam Workshop (4 hrs)
  • 24 hours total
  • Terms and Conditions apply