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Criminal Law Exam Workshop


  • Nov 7th
  • Taught by ex-UOA Crim law lecturer Khylee Quince
  • Khylee has been the recipient of a prestigious National Tertiary Teaching Award
  • Sign up after Oct 9: $55
  • Includes 2 hour drop in session with Khylee the night before the exam (Nov 13th 5-7pm)
Law 131 Course Notes


  • Based on an A+ student who took the course in 2015
  • Covers all material covered in lectures
  • Discount available for anyone who has purchased an exam workshop (DM us to ask for discount code!)
  • Free for Semester Pass customers
  • Only 15 units available
Law 231 Exam Workshop


  • Monday 30th October, 2017
  • 5PM - 9:00PM
  • Covers all examinable content
  • Includes attacking exam papersĀ 
  • Tips and tricks to succeed in the torts exam!
  • Sign up before 2nd October: $40 (saveĀ 25%!)
  • Sign up between 2nd - 26th October: $45
  • Sign up after 26th October: $50
  • Includes 2 hours of drop-in assistance the day before the exam (12 November) @ College of Law