Snapchat Maps: Revolutionary, or Super Creepy?

Hayden Hughes

The new snapchat. World-changing, or world-record creepy?

In the ongoing battle between Snapchat and Facebook/IG, it seems that Snapchat is introducing new features on an almost weekly basis. Given the massive $800M worth of shares that Founder Even Spiegel just received for taking the company public, the entire SC team obviously want to keep us on Snapchat as much as they can.

In case you've been busy studying (or if you've finished exams, binge-watching Riverdale without leaving your room), Snapchat's loved/hated new feature Snap Maps allows users to view what's going on around them in real time. Here's the official video from Snap explaining the features:

If you want to enjoy the fun with Snapchat Maps, you'll need to follow these steps to activate the maps feature:

1. Update the Snapchat app;
2. Open the Snapchat app, and go to the Camera;
3. Swipe inwards as if you are zooming out

The issue is that Snap Maps allows you to see where your friends are, with extreme accuracy. Let's zoom in at UOA to see what we can see:

In this case we can see the exact building our friend is in. This level of detail is also available for houses: we can see where our friends live, down to the exact house.

There's even a bitmoji for when our friends are sleeping:

Are we alone in thinking that this could be **extremely creepy** if it got into the wrong hands? On the bright side, you can easily turn these features off by selecting ghost mode, or by selecting which friends you want to share location info with.

Set up ghost mode on your Snapchat maps
Here's how:

The Good News
Despite our concerns about privacy there's a real silver lining to the new Snap maps. The new maps allows you to see Snaps from anywhere in the world. Jealous you couldn't go to the Full Moon party in Thailand? Want to see what's happening in Hollywood? Now you can see snaps posted by anyone in those places.

Simply zoom in on the area you want to watch snaps from (hot spots in red) and click once. Boom! 

If this isn't procrastination we can all get behind, we don't know what is.

Happy studying!

-Momentum Tutoring